Fire Resistant Cable

Fire Resistant Test of Fire Resistant Cable

Circuit Integrity

Resistance to fire alone IEC 60331-21
BS 6387 Category C
SS 299-1
3 hour at 750°C
3 hour at 950°C
Resistance to fire with water BS 6387 Category W
SS 299-1
15 minutes at 650°C plus
15 minutes with water spray
Resistance to fire with mechanical shock BS 6387 Category Z
SS 299-1
15 minutes at 950°C
Category C
Category W
Category Z

The material used in these fire resistant cable are also in accordance to:

Smoke Emission

Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions IEC / BS EN 61034-2 Minimum 60% of light transmitted for a duration of 40 minutes

Gas Evolved During Combustion

Determination of the amount of halogen acid gases IEC 60754-1
BS EN 50267-2-1
Halogen Content of all non-metallic components < 0.5% or 5mg/g
Measuring PH & conductivity IEC 60754-2
BS EN 50267-2-2
PH value < 4.3
Conductivity >= 10 µs/m

Flame & Fire Propagation

Test to single insulated cable IEC BS EN 60332-1-2 Halogen Content of all non-metallic components < 0.5% or 5mg/g
Test to bunch cable IEC BS EN 60332-3-22 60s / 120s 71 flammable material / meter for 40 minutes