Flexible Fireproof Cable

iSE Flexible Fireproof Cable

Flexible fireproof cable excel in the properties of excellent fireproof and flexibility. Its fireproof rating not only satisfies the national standard GB12666.6 but also meets up with the UK standard BS6387-1994. Meanwhile, it is also able withstand the water spraying or mechanical strike. As to its flexibility property, the cable can be wound on the cable reel, with the bending radius OD, (D is the outer diameter of cable).

Main performance of flexible fireproof cable:

  • Excellent fireproof property
  • Long continuous length
  • Large sectional area
  • Property of flexibility
  • High over-load capacity
  • Stand up to 800°C burning for 3 hours, without interuption on electricity power
  • Stand up to 1000°C burning for 1 hours, without interuption on electricity power

Structure of flexible fireproof cable:

  • Cable conductor is made up to stranded copper wires with favourable flexural property.
  • Insulating layer adopts high temperature resistant inorganic insulating materials.
  • Copper sheath materials though special machining with favourable flexural property.
  • Outer sheath made of low smoke non-toxic plastic materials, with favourable corrosion protection.

Flexible Fireproof Cable Structure

  • Stranded copper conductor
  • Mineral / inorganic insulation
  • Mineral / inorganic fiber packing materials
  • Copper sheath
  • Outer sheath (low smoke, non-toxic materials)

Fire-resistant property of flexible fireproof cable:

  • GB12666.6 Class A, burn in fire with temperature 950°C
  • BS6378, requirements:
    • Class A 650°C 3h
    • Class B 750°C 3h
    • Class C 950°C 3h
    • Class S 950°C 20min

Advantages of flexible fireproof cable:

  • Excellent fireproof property: meet up with the U.K. standard BS6387-1994
  • Long continuous length: continuous length of each cable can be as long as 1,000m
  • Large sectional area: single core-630mm², multi core-70mm²
  • Property of flexibility: bending radius 6 - 10D
  • Smoke-free-non-toxicity when burning
  • High overload capacity: long-term working temperature can reach 250°C
  • Property of corrosion proof & Free if electromagnetic interference
  • Favorable safeness & Long service life
  • Transportation and packaging of flexible fireproof cables are simple
  • Favorable economical efficiency