Fire Resistant Cable

iSE Fire Resistant Cable

During fire disaster when you need critical circuits to work for life safety and secure plant shutdown, it will require iSE Fire Resistant Cable (FRC) because not all cables are created equal, especially when it comes to critical circuit protection.

During fire disaster, fire smoke, heat, and toxic fumes are the main obstacles to safe evacuation of a building or area. A major contribution toward overcoming this hazards is the use of fire resistant and non-halogenated cables. These cables provided the following features:

  • Fire Resistant
  • Long-term circuit integrity in a fire
  • Low smoke and toxic gas emissions
  • Fire retardant properties
  • Zero halogen gases
  • Ease and low cost of installation

iSE Fire Resistant Cable is committed to product quality and the products are being produced under strict quality assurance of ISO 9001:2008 in one of the biggest cable factory at Shanghai, China.

iSE Fire Resistant Cables manufactured by Shanghai Cable complied with either one or combination of the specification as below:

-   Fire Resistant : EC 60331; BS 6387; SS 299
-   Fire Retardant : IEC 60332; BS 4066; BS EN 50266; IEEE 383
-   Smoke Emission : IEC 61034; BS 7622; BS EN 50268
-   Acid Gas Emission : IEC 60754; BS 6425; BS EN 50267
-   Oxygen Index : ASTM D 2863

Fire Resistant Cable structure

600 / 1000 V PVC/XLPE Sheathed Fire Resistant Cable